Black and Brown unite is a charitable, educational organization whose resolve is to uplift and empower people of color.

To become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of our communities.

The 7 points of light are designed to improve the lives of people of color by nurturing an environment that’s designed to produce hundreds of thousands of financially independent Black and Brown citizens by using the principles of black wall street on a nationwide level.

This means coordinated urban farming on a national scale. Independent distribution of goods through the nations very first black super chain.

For which we’ll be introducing stock options at well below market value for all our members in good standing as well as profit sharing for employees. We also focus on youth empowerment, community uplift, family renaissance, spiritual wholeness, health and your individual needs.

The biggest weapons against people of color are divisiveness and disorganization.
There is no real organization to riots, they grow out of frustration of the conditions. We do not support or endorse looting, burning or destruction of any property. We need to strategically respond, not emotionally react.

These principles are sound and practical.

But this grassroots movement only succeeds if our communities are actively a part of the process.

 Advisory Board

 President: Superintendent Michael Gantz
Vice-President: Virgil Thompson Esq 
Founder and Chairperson: Thomas Wood
Secretary: Rita Saunders