Family Renaissance 

A family cannot properly function unless they spend time together and communicate.
Communication is key in any relationship and that includes the parent child dynamic or a sibling getting to know each other comes from sharing stories and spending time.
Rebuilding and strengthening the family structure should always play a major role in any movement involving the uplifting of a group of people.
Despite changing life styles and phenomenal advances in technology, the family remains the central source of strength in society.
A family offer companionship, security and a measure of protection against an often cold uncaring society and has a tremendous influence upon your child’s future development.
Now is the season, if we are ever to focus on our children who through no fault of their own, are often raised in environments where a stable father is missing, violence is predictable, education is greatly de-emphasized, drugs are prevalent and dependency threatens freedom.
We must rebuild and strengthen the family structure before another generation of children is lost.
While it does indeed start in the home, a great many of us need guidance on where exactly to start, what direction do we go or at the very least what type of assistance is being offered and how can I gain access to it.
To help facilitate this, we will incorporate a portal that’s user friendly which will assist parents having various issues with their children to help guide them and point them to the nearest support system in their community.
You’ll also have access to online support groups where you can vent and chat with other parents going through the same things, while remaining anonymous.
Once the BNBU portal is fully functional you’ll have easy access to programs such as family retreat.
This program offers opportunity to share quality time, share individual as well as family stories.
Engaging ways for families to think through situations, exercises that focus on healing fractured family relationships as well as strengthening healthy ones role playing exercises and a host of other fun activities other programs focus on the violence and disrespect in our homes and communities.
You’ll have access to programs focusing on our boys and young men respecting our women and themselves. Character building courses which help them develop a deeper self of awareness.
Charm school for girls 11-16 and young ladies 17-25, helping them appreciate their true value (some things are not for sale).
Parenting courses for our young men and women also separate courses which address babies having babies for our teenage parents under 17.
Parents and partners work hand and hand with staff to help build trust and cohesiveness and to ensure they have access to the proper tools allowing them to make the best choices for their lives.
We need to re-embrace some older beliefs and values, it takes a village to raise a child, each one teach one and so forth.
There must be an acknowledgement that some well intentioned social ideas and programs have up-rooted traditional culture incentives and legitimized an entitlement attitude that is counterproductive and harms children.
We must stop ignoring bad behavior and choices in the African American community.
Basic psychology tells us when you are allowed to get away with and are rewarded for bad behavior; you reinforce and get progressively worst behavior that harms children.
Toxic role models that guide our children into a culture of destructive behaviors must be challenged at all cost.
Our objective is to establish stability in our family structure that extends into our communities.