Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Black and Brown Unite INC.
Referred to below as the organization, BNBU or by it’s name

ARTICLE II - Objectives
Section 1. The objectives of Black and Brown Unite are :

(a) To provide a forum for people of color to interact and to provide educational and financial opportunities to advance their level of success.

(b) To engage and unite people of color for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon their lives .

(c) To address public policy issues that effect the of life of black and brown citizens.

(d) To be a part of the decision making process, that shapes laws and policies through community planning and cooperative economics.

(e) To promote and maintain a high standard of professionalism and excellence.

ARTICLE III - Membership
Section 1. Requirements for membership are three dollars suggested contribution for that particular year or two dollars monthly contribution, as well as phone Number, and email address or have an active member sponsor you.
To be an active member at gold status, you must be current on your three dollar contribution for the twelve month period.
To be active at platinum status your two dollar monthly contribution should be up to date.
To be active at the diamond level (Lifetime membership) requires a sugessted one time contribution of two hundred and forty dollars.

Membership can be revoked at any point in a calendar year by the council for conduct detrimental to the image, performance or profitability of Black and Brown Unite.

No refunds will be given for membership or sponsor fees.
Lifetime membership contributions are $240.00 
If you wish to sponsor a person or persons, contributions start at $10.00.

ARTICLE IV- Benefits
Section 1.Gold members receive a membership pin and updates on community concerns, as well as upcoming BNBU evnts.
Platinum members in addition to the above, receive a membership card, which entitles them to enjoy discounts at their favorite black and brown bussinesses throughout the community as well as reductions on services from professional specialist such as money coaches, health coaches or life coaches.
 Diamond members in addition to the above, enjoy free access to Black and Brown events and discounts at partned events.
All members are entitled to sizable discounts at the proposed BNBU superchain once it breaks ground.

Sponsors in addition to the membership card also receive a discount card they can use with various companies that have partnered with Black and Brown Unite, as well as gaining access to below market stock options.

ARTICLE V – Code of conduct
Section 1. A member, who is guilty of one of the following, or similar forms of misconduct, may be given a verbal warning at the first occurrence thereof.

The issuing of a severe or written warning may be alternative forms of disciplinary action for misconducts depending on the evidence, circumstances and seriousness of each situation.

A member may even be dismissed for repeated forms of misconduct or immediate dismissal

For a first offense depending on the severity.

Each transgression will be dealt with on it’s own merit in all instances.

The following are examples of such misconduct: -

- Photocopying documents without permission

- Causing unnecessary distractions to fellow members or causing unnecessary confusion in the work place by unnecessary shouting, catcalls or demonstrations of any nature

- Addressing abusive and/or obscene language at a fellow member or Management representative, or a client, or in a clients presence.

- Negligence or gross negligence in the performance of performance of your duties or functions.

- Intimidation

- Fraud

- Theft of company property and/or a fellow members property .

- Bribery

Gross insubordination or blatant disrespect to management or clients

- The making or publishing of false, vicious or malicious statements concerning any member, the organization or it’s products.

- Unauthorized use of another members password of any nature whatsoever.

- Divulging information, without proper authorization concerning the organizations business.

- Conduct detrimental to the image, performance or profitability of the organization.

Any other misconduct constituting breach of contract under the common law or any other legal provisions.

ARTICLE VI - Amendments to the Rules and Regulations
Section 1. Amendments to the Rules and Regulations of Black and Brown Unite INC.
structure shall be by a two thirds vote of the council, subject to approval by the CEO.