Your Life Matters

Are you winning or losing at the game of life?
One thing is certain, if you’re struggling with bills, living pay check to pay check, dealing with the struggles of being a single parent or simply not where you thought you would be at this stage of your life.

The last thing you’re thinking about is the community’s needs or anything else, other than you and yours.

So the first order of business is helping you get stable, financially and emotionally by providing the essential life skills to enable you to lead a happy successful life.

Once you understand who you are and begin walking in the full dominion God has given us, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

But where do you begin?

Just like finger prints our lives are unique; you may need to work with our liaison department to determine the most effective team to put around you in pursuit of your success.

Typically a good place to start is with a financial coach or a life coach.

We partner with life coaches across the nation who shows you how to identify life situations and understand the laws of attraction so you can track the laws of cause and effect, and use them to your advantage.

They also teach how to increase your emotional intelligence which is the ability to recognize and deal effectively with emotions and can be used to find the right job or relationship. People with high E.I are the ones coworkers are eager to work with and they tend to do well in interviews.

Other areas covered are effective communication, critical thinking, organizational skills and addressing different factors associated with substance abuse as well as identifying skill gaps and more.

The next order of business is financial; we’ve been in mental slavery longer than physical slavery.

Anytime a person or group repeats an action continuously, they begin to adopt a sense of normality, paycheck to paycheck cannot continue being an option for us.
That is neither liberty nor the pursuit of happiness; a finance coach will help you with money management skills starting from the basics of training and or job placement assistance.

Other options to consider are joining a union, it cost a little money but they look out for you and assist you in finding work.

Also if you’re in the financial position, internships are a great way to gain experience, and they’ll often hire you afterwards, depending on your performance, plus you can add it to your resume.

They teach you the difference between spending and investing how to make the most of your tax refund, how to organize financial records, avoiding or getting out of debt, creating a financial vision board and the importance of starting an emergency fund.

Perhaps you’re doing well financially and just need sound advice on how to best make your money work for you.

Your coach shows you how to adapt the mindset of a winning business owner.

They give options on earning passive income, website AD revenue and how to select a tax professional.
They teach you how to invest smart using various methods such as stock trainer APP, this APP allows you to trade real stock online using fake money so you’ll learn how you build a portfolio and gain confidence and experience under real conditions with no risk.

Another APP we should all consider is acorns, the way it works is the APP lets you link your debit or credit card to it and whenever you make a purchase it rounds up the difference.

So say you purchased gas for $31.03, it rounds up the purchase to $32 and invest the 97 cent difference into stock portfolios.

It’s safe and relatively stable and is a great option to help you invest your spare change as opposed to letting it sit in that big jar in the corner.

Maybe you’re ready to strike out on your own in which case you should take advantage of an entrepreneur program, even if your already established, a refresher course never hurts.

Finally, a high percentage of people of color are in the legal system, you’ve seen the numbers by now.

There are more black men in the legal system today then were enslaved in 1850 ages 15 and up, but our women are victims as well.

It can be very difficult to focus on what you need to do, much less trying to elevate when your liberty is constantly threatened or the system seems more focused on keeping our kids from us rather than the best interest of the child and ultimately the family.

So you may need to enlist assistance from legal connections, whatever you decide is the best course for you, be it life coach, finance coach, lifestyle coach, legal connections or all of the above.
Manage your inner circle!

Make certain you put a team around you invested in your success, and be sure to create a vision board and plan for your success.

In these last days learn basic survival skills like how to survive without electricity, basic car repairs, CPR and first aid.

Can you read a map?

What happens when your GPS is down and you can’t get a signal because Russia or some terrorist group has hacked us?

Technology 101: how to back up files, effectively searching the net, researching using something other than Google or Wikipedia.

How to protect passwords, learning to use a calendar and schedule; always remember, invest in lifelong learning and new skill sets to keep a competitive edge and stay engaged.