Community Uplift

Our goal is to energize our community, to shape the future and overall quality of their lives by creating a shared sense of belonging, through community planning and cooperative economics. In social science and politics, power is defined as the ability to influence or outright control the behavior of people.
As stated in point one, economics is leverage and economic leverage translates into political power, so it’s only practical we begin there.
As outlined in point one this is achieved first by acquiring acres of land to grow organic fruits and vegetables, and then sold through our very own super chain at prices we the people can afford. It’s time we move on from symbolic gestures to action.
Next we keep the base energized by staying connected through our liaison team, our official blogging site, team outreach or our podcast.
This will allow us to keep our fingers on the pulse of our communities and the nation through various activities such as community forums to discuss progress, strategies, and personal needs, we’ll be having guest experts dropping in on occasion, community improvement contest between neighboring communities, different categories such as most improved neighborhood and so forth block parties, fundraising events, and rallies.
Things like this generate comradery and give everyone a sense of involvement.
If you need assistance organizing in your community contact our team outreach.
Also check your local community board for upcoming events and use our BNBU portal for suggested businesses to shop at, and those that are not supporting our agenda.
Last but certainly not least, we must engage in the political system, this is not an option.
The big issue that motivated me to get involved was the insensitivity and the brutality people of color are treated with by our police departments across the nation.
But if we are to work effectively with officials to improve law enforcement efficiency and address policies we have to understand the rules of the game, then once we learn them, play the game better than they do.
Special interest groups control what our politicians do, the industries big four: the tobacco industry, who earns half a trillion dollars per year (35 million in the U.S) they spend 26 million per day in advertising. The pharmaceutical industry that earns 330 billion dollars per year
(10 billion in the U.S), big oil who earn trillions, their big 5 made 135 billion in profit and the gun industry, known as the NRA.
Now the NRA brings in less money than the others but because of their reported 5 million members they arguably have the most influence, because they mobilize their members to email or write letters to their elected officials and they show up and vote.
Every election cycle their agenda shows up on the ballots and the news, they lobby candidates. A company that lobbies is attempting to influence officials.
We are not voiceless, according to the census there are 46 million African Americans and 56 million Latinos, that’s 102 million people of color. If only half of us came together on this, it would still make us the largest, most powerful special interest group in the nation.
This along with cooperative economics and controlled spending is how you demand and get equal treatment before the law.
Remember the original purpose of the police was not to protect and serve, but to protect the haves from the have not’s in a cast system and to control the newly freed slaves who were now laborers.
They also enforced segregation laws designed to deny freed slaves equal rights and access to the political system.
It is illogical to expect the haves or powers that be, to willingly help us change a systemically corrupt system they're benefiting from.
This isn't rocket science there’s strength in numbers, 102 million people of color in the United States but we need to be organized and united.
This movement only succeeds if our communities are actively part of the process.
You can’t fix a systemic problem with old style leadership and solutions.