Generational wealth

Facing economic and political annihilation black America has no option but to take control of its economic destiny. Economics is leverage and seeing that economic leverage translates into political power, in light of current developments and ongoing adversities facing the black and Latino communities, it’s imperative for people of color to think in terms of cooperative economics and controlled spending. We need to be organized and deliberate in how we spend and invest our dollar or big coin. A place we can all begin that doesn’t take much effort at all is an organized national boycott, which is to be held the last Friday of every month, we don’t spend not one cent on that day. The whole concept being is we as African Americans spend 1.1 trillion dollars annually, which is approximately 3.3billion dollars per day, now other people of color such as Latinos, according to the Selig center and other reports spend 1.3 trillion dollars annually, and collectively that’s almost 7 billion dollars per day. Our vision is to remove those billions of dollars out of the economy that day. Currently we have no control over capital and the ability to control capital is what gives people the power to rise out of poverty. During this peaceful boycott on the last Friday of every month, which going forward we’ll refer to as the real black Friday ,people of color should refrain themselves from any type of spending on this last Friday, this is easy and only requires you to make plans on any necessary payments or purchases the day before or after. This type of organized solidarity will be felt across the nation and does two things: one, it gets their attention and puts them on notice that we’re serious and organized, but even more importantly it shows us that we can come together and achieve great things. It will show us the power we have in unity and gives us the faith that’s necessary to take this movement to the next level. Our money is the one thing that they have always cared about the most, find out what happens when the 98% don’t spend a penny. The next step towards financial independence is implementing the concept of black Wall Street on a more massive scale nationwide.

There are acres of land available in most states, our vision is to purchase some of that land to grow organic fruits and vegetables and sell them at prices the community can afford. The way we distribute these goods and other items is through the nation’s first black super chain. In addition to groceries entrepreneur people of color will find a dynamic partner when it comes to getting their quality patented products sold in these stores, we’ll also be teaming up with black and brown farmers already in existence as long as they are providing quality produce. Also we will incorporate a national data base of black and brown businesses we should all be patronizing, naturally these businesses will show their appreciation by lowering prices in return for increased sales, price gouging of our people will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate removal from the data base. We’re also going to introduce stock options at below market prices. The privileged classes have dominated the will of the masses for centuries. Once we understand that its money not race that divides us we can begin to rise out of poverty and chronic economic dependence, then we can begin to make our money march and demonstrate for us and allow our money to speak for us. It’s time to stop blaming the system, and start using the system.